LDNIO 3.4 A Output Dual USB Port CAR Charger with Micro Cable-White


2 separate USB car chargers Smart & functional Sonic speed USB charging High efficiency Safe and reliable.The LDNIO is a sturdy USB Car charger. Ideal for almost any vehicle, once connected to the cigarette lighter port, you can simultaneously power two devices – including two tablets – thanks to the combined 3.4A output. Featuring scratch-resistant coating, it will always look as new as the day you bought it. Charge technology automatically detects and delivers the optimal charge; making it the fastest, most effective way to power any connected device. With two intellicharge ports, fast charging has never been easier. Constant Charge The battery input of 12-24V is standard across all cars; however there are times when it can exceed this standard. No matter the voltage, the USB charger will automatically adjust to protect your device and charge at a steady rate. Great Power, Great Responsibility The car charger comes with a number of built-in protection methods to keep your device safe.

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