HP K1500 Wired Keyboard


Get-more-done productivity: Achieve more with the HP Keyboard K1500: 3 indicator lights, built-in number pad and full-size keyboard. Improved & updated features: Spill-resistant design, adjustable legs, quiet key strokes and plug-and-play USB connection. Premium HP standards: 1 of the world’s leading PC manufacturers delivers products built with some of the strictest quality control guidelines. Spill-resistant design protects your keyboard from runaway liquids. 3 keyboard indicator lights glow green & illuminate your path to productivity. Quick calculations. Rapid data input. Built-in number pad adds convenience

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Model Name

Genuine HP K1500 Wired USB Desktop Keyboard.

Model Number

K1500 Keyboard


Desktop Keyboard

Designed For

Desktop Computer, Alternately can use on Laptop


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