Pace All Inkjet Printers Ink Multi Color Ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)


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SPECIFICATIONS Compatible with Models: HP: 22, 28, 57, 21, 27, 56, 678, 802, 818 | SAMSUNG: C75, M75, 80, 90. Colour: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Base: Dye-based Excellent Printing Performance Formulated with high-quality dyes to offer a colourful and vivid printing performance. Printing without flash, booming, suitable for high-speed printing. Stable physical and chemical properties for maintaining long-term printing results. No Block Print The ink is strictly filtered through 1 micron and 0.5-micron filters to ensure ink particles reach to the standard fineness. Excellent printing consistency and fluency to protect your printer from plug print and reduce printer wear and tear. Cost Effective 3 x 100ML high-capacity, allowing you to reduce office costs and providing you exceptional printing results to meet your home, school and office printing needs. Eco-friendly To ensure safety and environmental protection, we do not use any heavy mental during the ink production. The ink bottle is made of ABS which is the best material to store ink in a safe and eco-friendly way. Ink Filling Instructions: Tear the label from ink refill hole of your inkjet cartridge carefully (please do not throw label away, it still needs to be pasted back). Use the syringe to draw 5ml ink (or as per need), squeezing the air out of syringes before filling. Fill the ink into ink refill hole about 3/4 full. Paste back the label, and then you ready to go! Note: To ensure correct ink refilling into tricolour cartridges, please use a toothpick to check for the which colour matches with which hole before you refill.


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